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Kids Program

The Justice Park District prides itself on offering a well-rounded, diverse selection of recreational programs, activities & special events. We make every effort to offer new programs based on current trends & participant interests.

Beginner TKD

Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Instructor: Guy Johnson
Fall 8 week: September 26 th - November 14 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $39 R/ $49 NR
Min/Max: 5/20
Ages: 5+

Flow Yoga

Day: Mondays -Wednesdays
Time: 7:15-8:15pm
Instructor: Amy Warner
Fall 8 week: September 24 th - November 14 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $60 R/ $70 NR
Min/Max: 5/20
Ages: 14+

Experience a dynamic vinyasa (flow)-style yoga class that synchronizes the breath with movement. This class helps students build strength, gain greater flexibility, and balance. It is
accompanied by up-beat music to get you moving and energized -closes with short meditation to help students decompress, let go, and relax the mind and body to gain better inner connection. For all levels of experience.

Baby Ballet

Day: Thursday
Time: 3:45-4:15
Instructor: Marilyn Michals
Fall 8 week: September 27 th - November 15 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $39 R/ $49 NR
Ages: 3-5
Min/Max: 3/20

Does your child love to dance? Baby Ballet provides the opportunity for every young student to
experience the joy of dance while developing confidence, creativity and a secure technical foundation in a safe and caring environment.

Ballet/Tap Beginner

Day: Thursday
Time: 4:30-5:15
Instructor: Marilyn Michals
Fall 8 week: September 27 th - November 15 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $39 R/ $49 NR
Ages: 4-6
Min/Max: 3/20

How much fun is it to dance! In this combination class, your child will begin to learn the art of ballet along with the musical steps of tap. Learning new ways of expressing themselves in the artistic, physical way will make their experience fun and exciting.

Ballet/Tap Intermediate

Day: Thursday
Time: 5:30-6:30
Instructor: Marilyn Michals
Fall 8 week: September 27 th - November 15 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $39 R/ $49 NR
Ages: 7+
Min/Max: 3/20

Dance should be about learning to nurture creativity in movement, developing coordination and
promoting self-esteem, combined with learning basic positions and terminology, are the building blocks of our ballet/tap beginner program. Through strong dancing, creativeness, and friends, ballet/tap classes become a magical dance experience for every child. All participants have the option of participating in a recital.

Soccer Basics

Day: Mondays and Fridays
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Instructor: Christian Marquez
Fall 4 Week: September 24 th - October 19 th
Location: Commissioner’s Park Field
Fee: $29 R/ $39 NR
Ages: 4-12
Min/Max: 5/20

Join us and keep you’re your great soccer skills! We will be teaching you the fundamentals of soccer as well as allowing for game play throughout each season. Whether you’re new to the
sport or just looking to get some practice in, this class will be beneficial and fun!

CPR/First Aid

Day: November 17 th
Time: 9:00am-11:15pm
Instructor: Tom Bosworth of Chicagoland CPR
Location: Community Center
Fee: $30 minimum certification fee
Ages: 12+
Max: 12
Register by: November 9 th by closing time.

CPR: Participants will become proficient in assessing the patient, 1 rescuer Rescue breathing, mouth-to-mouth barrier breathing, conscious choking, unconscious choking, recovery position,
cardiac chain of survival, infection control, and recognizing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. 

AED:  Participants will be taught the correct use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). 

Basic First Aid: Participants will learn basic techniques in caring for and treating injuries including bleeding, shock, burns, bone injuries, head and spine injuries, bites and stings,
poisonings, diabetic emergencies, seizures, heat and cold emergencies, strokes, the recovery position, patient assessment, and moving patients. Participants will become proficient in treating these emergencies until further help arrives.  Participants should bring a small snack and drink.

Advanced TKD

Day: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 6:00-7:00pm
Instructor: Guy Johnson
Fall 8 week: September 24 th - November 14 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $53 R/ $63 NR
Min/Max: 5/20
Ages: 12+/ Higher Belt Rank

Learn the Basic fundamentals of the Korean art of self defense, including kicks, blocks, and
punches! Here’s the opportunity for you to take a self defense course and move up the belt
ranking ladder. These classes are great for developing self-esteem and self-confidence.

Speed/Agility Camp

Day: Mondays and Thursdays
Time: 6:00-7:00 pm
Instructor: Joe Phelan
Fall 4 Week: September 24 th - October 18 th
Location: Commissioner’s Park Hockey Rink
Fee: $39 R/ $49 NR
Ages: 8+
Min/Max: 5/20

Want to gain the edge on the competition this summer? Regardless of the sport you want to
succeed in, this camp will focus on improving footwork and agility while also looking to
improve speed and quickness.

This class will be using short area directional training, plyometric
and resistance training and track progress.

**Please wear athletic clothing, good running shoes or cross training shoes (no cleats), and a
bottle of water. **

Tiny Tappers

Day: Thursday
Time: 3:00-3:30
Instructor: Marilyn Michals
Fall 8 week: September 27 th - November 15 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $39 R/ $49 NR
Ages: 3-5
Min/Max: 3/20

TAP, TAP, TAP! Boys and girls will love the excitement of TAPPING! The art of tap dance is
energetic, fun and a great way to develop rhythm and coordination as well as basic motor skills.

Your toddler will learn beginning tap steps and eventually a routine! Best of all, your child will
begin to build up a positive self esteem at a very early age.

Private Instrument Lessons

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 4:00-7:00 pm
Instructor:  Kathleen Thorson
Fall 8 Week: September 25 th - November 13 th
Location: Community Center
Fee: $105 R/ $125 NR
Ages: 7-14
Start the magical musical journey right now and add a new positive dimension to your child’s
life. Note reading, instrument specific technique and musical terminology are just the start of a
wonderful experience that adds so much to becoming a well-rounded student. Lessons are
available in 30 minute intervals starting at 4:00 pm. Please call for available times.
**Time slots are subject to change to better accommodate the Park District and Instructor**
** The Park District or the instructor will not provide the instruments** 
** Keyboards are available to use during lessons only**

Available instrument choices: piano, acoustic guitar, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet,
trombone, baritone, french horn, xylophone, snare drum (drum pad only)

Badger Wrestling Club

Practices: Monday-Thursdays
Tournaments: Saturdays/ Sundays TBD
Time 6:00pm-8:00pm
Coaches: Joe Phelan, Joe Shue, Marcel Cook, Jack Williams
Fall/Winter: November 5 th - March
Location: Argo Community High School Wrestling Gymnasium
Fee: $150.00 before 11/5, $175.00 after 11/5
Ages: 5-14
Registration Dates: August 26 th , September 22 nd , October 20 th

-New wrestlers need to bring a copy of their birth certificate to registration.

-Need wrestling shoes and a headgear and gym clothes. Available at most sports equipment
stores in the area.

-More info at www.badgerwrestling.org

The Badger Wrestling Club will enter their 28 th season this year. The Badgers are focused on
teaching the fundamentals of wrestling as well as promoting a positive environment built on
honor, loyalty and respect for each other and the sport of wrestling. We look forward to seeing
everyone. Come out and be a part of a wrestling family, not just a club!!
Any questions or concerns?
Contact Coach Joe Phelan (Head Coach) at
(708) 856-4647.

Story Time Nights

September 28 th - Register by September 27 th
November 30 th - Register by November 29 th
December 28 th - Register by December 27 th
***October will be Haunted Story Telling***

Time: 6:00pm
Instructor: Christine Shue
Location: Community Center
Fee: Free
Ages: 2-12

Who doesn’t love hearing stories? We will be offering special nights for the kids of the
community to come in and listen to fun stories and books with some crafts to work on as well. It
is free and no registration is required. Please register by coming in or calling us at (708) 458-
1370 before closing the day before each Story Time Night.

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