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Facility/Park Rentals

  1. All Justice Residents Are Eligible to participate in the rental program.
  2. All renters must fill out an application.
  3. A valid driver’s license or state I.D. is required to rent a facility or equipment.
  4. All rental deposits may be paid with a check or cash. Checks must have preprinted address that matches address of the driver’s license or state I.D. No starter checks may be used for the deposit.All rental fees and deposits must be paid at the time rental application is processed. No dates will be reserved until the application is processed.
  5. All renters must be 18 years of age.
  6. Rental applications must be processed at least ten days in advance for facility rentals, and five days in advance for equipment rentals.
  7. All rented facilities or equipment must be in reasonable condition after use, determination of the condition of the facility or equipment will be determined by the Justice Park District. All renters agree to these terms by completing the application form for consideration of renting a facility or equipment from the Justice Park District. Potential renters that do not agree to these terms should not submit a rental application.
  8. The Justice Park District reserves the right to deny any request for rental of a facility or equipment for reasons that may remain confidential. All park programs take precedence over any other event.
  9. Rentals may be denied or cancelled at the discretion of the Executive Director without reason or explanation.
  10. Any rules not specifically mentioned may be instituted at any time the good of the Justice Park District.

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