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Regulations & Policies

Photograph Policy   
We are always looking for great smiles to appear on all sorts of Justice Park District publications. Participation in district events and programs implies consent for the district to use photos for promotional purposes. If you do not want a picture taken, please tell the photographer. If the picture was already taken, please call the park district office at 708-458-1370, and let us know it should not be used.

Residential Courtesy — Respect The Residents   The residential and business neighbors who surround the community center, facilities and parks are very supportive and patient with the activities of the park district. Please acknowledge this tolerance by respecting their privacy and property. Also, dispose of trash in appropriate containers, not on the street. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please be aware of the following general park use guidelines.

  • All areas close at dusk.No glass or metal containers allowed.
  • ‍No alcoholic beverages.• No pets or animals of any kind allowed on Park District property. Exception: Pets are allowed on a leash at Commissioners Park.
  • ‍Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  • ‍Rollerblades and skateboards are prohibited in any of the Park District’s property. Exception: Rollerblades are allowed in the hockey rink located in Commissioners Park. Both rollerblades and skateboards are allowed on the track located at Commissioners Park.
  • ‍Playground equipment is designed for youth under eleven years of age.
  • Parents are responsible for the supervision and conduct of their children at all times.Inspect play areas before starting play.
  • ‍No loitering.Play at your own risk. You are responsible for determining if you or your child are physically fit and properly skilled for any activity.
  • ‍Please respect all Justice Park District property and immediately report any hazards, unsafe conditions or suspicious acts to the Justice Park District at (708) 458-1370.

Persons violating rules will be prohibited from using facilities and may be subject to fine and/or arrest.

Participation Guidelines   

Our goal at the Justice Park District is to provide a positive leisure experience for all participants. To ensure this, certain rules and procedures are required to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for participation.

  1. espect must be given to staff, fellow participants, facilities, and equipment at all times.
  2. Aggressive behavior, which endangers the safety of fellow participants, will not be tolerated.Inappropriate behavior, which is deemed to be offensive, will not be tolerated.
  3. Inappropriate behavior, which is deemed to be offensive, will not be tolerated.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in all park district and school district facilities, as well as 15 feet from any entrance.
  5. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all park district facilities and parks. 

Park District officials and staff reserve the right to dismiss persons from a program or facility that are not in compliance with set rules and regulations.

Vandalism Policy
The Justice Park District will pursue prosecution to the fullest extent of the law against all persons who vandalize or commit other acts of criminal damage to Justice Park District property, and require restitution for the amount of damage and for any reward paid pursuant to this policy.Persons who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of such offenders, or to full restitution by the offender, may receive a reward of up to $100, based on the amount of damage. 

Persons eligible for a reward are expected to cooperate with all law enforcement authorities responsible for the arrest and prosecution of an alleged offender. A review committee made up of park district personnel will decide rewards.

Americans with Disabilities Act 
Notice Of Compliance

The Justice Park District is subject to and will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of (ADA), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability against persons who meet essential eligibility requirements for services. Procedures are being developed to continue to implement the provisions of the ADA. If you have any questions regarding the ADA, please contact 708. 458-1370

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